Site Changes

Site Version: 3.0.6 MINOR

  • Fix UI on profile pages when browsing on a mobile device

Site Version: 3.0.5 MINOR

  • UI changes on smaller screens
  • Fixes a bug when certain conditions are met using TFA that causes errors

Site Version: 3.0.4 MINOR

  • UI updates on smaller screens

Site Version: 3.0.3 MINOR

  • Fixes bug when decrypting TFA codes to verify against in certain cases

Site Version: 3.0.2 MINOR

  • Fixes remember state when using passwordless login

Site Version: 3.0.1 MINOR

  • Fixes bug where we sometimes could not save profile changes even when we had empty details

Site Version: 3.0.0 MAJOR

  • Complete UI and UX overhaul
    • Update Bootstrap version
    • Redesign entire site
    • Better mobile experience
    • Added theme toggle for dark/light/auto
    • Enhanced stability with service authentication flow
  • Add even more data security